Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is an essential part of parish life. Fr Dominic is currently (November and December 2020) in the process of forming a Parish Pastoral Council, drawing from those who are steering the parish over the months of Covid, and who have been involved in shaping the Parish Building Plans. The hope is that the PPC will begin to meet, six times a year, from early in 2021. 
In recent years there have been Diocesan and local initiatives, and these shape where we are today. From 2018 the Diocese has developed the “Stewards of the Gospel” programme; this is particularly focused on partnership working with local parishes. In our case this is Corpus Christi, Collier Row; Holy Redeemer and St Dominic’s, Harold Hill and Harold Wood; Christ the Eternal High Priest, Gidea Park. As a group of parishes, working in partnership, there will be things we can do more effectively than we could alone, and in the years ahead the sense of partnership working will deepen and grow. For more about the Stewards of the Gospel programme visit:   
Within the parish, set up alongside the Stewards Programme, there was a Parish Pastoral Forum from 2018-2019. Details of their meetings are at the end of this page.
The parish also has a long standing Finance Committee, and you can read more about them here:

More details from the Stewards of the Gospel and Romford Parish partnership are here:

Details from the meetings of the Parish Pastoral Forum, which will be considered when the new Parish Pastoral Council begins to meet in 2021, are here:

Constitution of PPF August 2018

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