Donate to support the parish

Parishioners are immensely generous in charitable giving, as well as giving time and support in many, many ways – often hidden, discreet and wonderfully kind.

All of this is faith in action.

To sustain the running costs of the parish, our main income until March 2020, was the offertory collection. The pandemic wiped that out for a while, and it is now (October 2020) at less than 50% of pre-pandemic levels. The costs of the parish in terms of utility bills, council tax and much else besides, have not decreased very much; even when our buildings are being used less, the fixed costs remain high.

At October 2020 the bank balance was £13,000, which is a loss of about £20,000 over the last seven months, and leaves us with no “cushion” for any serious repair bills, or for any extra charitable or pastoral initiatives. That said, we know that times are very hard for some of our families, and we will always support you in all possible ways. Most certainly we would never want anyone to feel pressure to give.

For those able to sustain the life of the parish by donating, we are very grateful, and the very best way to help is by regular giving – either via Standing Order or through your online banking.

For online banking the details you need are as follows:

We have an account with HSBC. The account name is Catholic Church Romford St Edward.

The sort code is 40-13-22

The account number is 51019066


You can donate online with a credit card via the Diocesan website (click here); you can do that instantly, and the money is allocated to our parish and nowhere else.


For a standing order, simply download and print this form, fill it in, and post or give it to your bank:


GIFT AID can be applied to all regular and one-off donations, and it makes a huge difference. If you are a taxpayer (including a pensioner paying tax) we can claim an extra 25% on your donation at no extra cost to you. We are part of the registered charity BRCDT (Brentwood Roman Catholic Diocesan Trust), Charity Number 234092. Read more on our Gift Aid page:


THANK YOU for any donations that you can give. If you want to speak about a large donation, a legacy or other ways to support the parish financially, please email