All regular weekday Masses, and the Sunday 9.30am Mass, are Livestreamed, and everyone is warmly welcome online. The Livestream channel is accessible anywhere you can access the Internet – on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC, as well as on most Smart TVs.

Click here to go directly to our Livestream channel. In case you need to type it in, the link to the channel is: and you can then easily find the Mass you are looking for.

On a weekday there is a fixed camera angle; for the Sunday 9.30am Mass and other special occasions volunteers operate the cameras so that those watching and praying at home have the best possible experience.

Please share this information; especially if you know someone who is ill or unable to leave their home for any reason: the Livestream is for them. It may even be that you can help a neighbour who has not used the Internet in this way before – how wonderful to help someone else to be able to watch and pray the Mass. If anyone watching and praying Mass at home would like a visit, or needs Holy Communion brought to them, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Fr Dominic.


You can also find us on Facebook

For Facebook, the direct link to our page is or just search RomfordRC to find us. Like the page, to keep up to date with everything, with regular photos of parish life.

Spread the word! The more our Social Media is shared and followed, the more ways in which the wonderful work of the parish can be shared.