Sunday 9.30am Mass is Livestreamed on the YouTube channel It is then available forever – watch and pray at the most helpful time of day for you.

The Livestream link for the Fifth Sunday of Easter, 2nd May 2021 is: The first reading shows us how difficult it was for the early disciples to accept that Paul – who, as Saul, had been persecuting them mercilessly – had changed. When someone in our life tries to change, to move away from negative and destructive attitudes, do we give them space to change? Do we accept that they have changed? As we meet people who we may not have seen for over a year, these could be especially powerful questions at this time, and we will reflect on them this weekend.

Please share this information; especially if you know someone who is shielding or vulnerable, ill or unable to leave their home for any reason: the Livestream is for them. It may even be that you can help a neighbour who has not used YouTube before – how wonderful to help someone else to be able to watch and pray the Mass.


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