Personal Prayer & Parish Prayer Groups

Personal Prayer

The church is open for personal prayer, as often as possible. In normal times we are open daily; during the time of Coronavirus please check for updates at

The church is an oasis of peace and stillness at such times; each person prays in different ways, but in case it is helpful for you, a good place to start can be with a small piece of scripture. Find a Bible passage – perhaps one of the Sunday readings – and read it through carefully. Rest for a while, noting any phrases that struck you. Then read it again; it may be that the same words resonate with you, or that you see part of the passage in a fresh way. After a little while read it for a third time, and bring your insights to prayer: where do the words from what you have read most apply in your own life?

At some times in the week you’ll find Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. A large host, consecrated at Mass to become the Body of Christ, is placed in a Monstrance – a container which draws attention to the host within it. It’s a powerful focus for prayer – to rest with Christ present on the altar, bringing the intentions of your heart to his heart.

There are also moments when the Rosary is prayed, usually before of after weekday Mass; these are in the newsletter. This set of prayers immerses us in the journeys of Jesus and Mary, highlighting events in their lives which reflect glory, light, sorrow and joy within our own lives.

You may also be seeking the Sacrament of Reconciliation (“Confession”) and you will find the times when this is offered on the newsletter; alternatively simply speak with Fr Dominic at any time, and he will arrange a time with you.

There are many websites to help with prayer. For the Sunday and Weekday readings go to Universalis where you will also find the Divine Office – prayers with the Psalms and short readings, prayed five times a day, if you want to have short bursts of regular prayer. The Divine Office is the prayer that Priests and Religious pray each day. Universalis is also available as an App, which means you can take the readings with you on your phone or iPad.

For daily reflections try Pray as you Go, which is a wonderful resource from the Jesuits. It is the sort of reflection you can listen to on the way to work, or in the comfort of your own home.

You will find others – if you have one to recommend, that we could add here, please email Fr Dominic.

Parish Prayer Groups

Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary helps to serve the spiritual needs of the parish by volunteering two hours of time per week to house bound members of the parish, make hospital calls regularly, home visitation, assist in taking residents of a local Nursing Home to their weekly Mass, visit newcomers and lead the Rosary at daily Mass.

For further information please contact the parish office.

Parish Men’s Group

The parish men’s group is open to all men in the parish. Led by Colin Smith the group is a chance to talk and pray together. For more information contact Colin via the parish office.