Liturgical Groups

Altar Servers

The Adult Acolyte was the candle bearer and messenger in the early days of the church. Today the master of Ceremony acolyte oversees the altar servers and helps coordinate the flow of the liturgy.

The Altar Server has a special role in helping the priest during Mass. Responsibilities before, during and after Mass, include lighting the candles, carrying the crucifix, holding the sacramentary, carrying candles during the Gospel procession, placing bread and wine on the altar and helping return items to their places after Mass. Children nine years of age or older who have been baptized and have received First Holy Communion are eligible to be trained to serve at masses and other liturgies.

We have around 40 altar servers that serve the Priest every week. New altar servers are always welcome-please contact Elisabeth Tanner on 01708 740308 if you are interested in becoming an altar server (children must have made their First Holy Communion).

Church Cleaners

The care of God’s dwelling is a fulfilling and important ministry.

St Edward the Confessor has a number of teams to ensure the church is fit for Mass. These include the church and hall cleaning teams, ably supported by the brass cleaners and the laundry team. We are always in need of volunteers, men or women. If you have some time to spare, please contact Maria Mernin via the Parish Office.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Extraordinary Ministers of Communion have a unique opportunity for a special communion with their fellow members of the Body of Christ. These ministers are members of the church who have been confirmed and trained to assist with the distribution of the Eucharist. Once trained, ministers are commissioned by the Bishop for a period of 5 years, renewable. Schedules are prepared monthly and are available for pick-up in the correspondence rack in the Church porch approximately mid-month and are also available on the website.

For more information, contact the Parish Priest

Rotas for Eucharistic Ministers can be found here

Flower Arranging

The Flower Arranging team known as “The Petals” create decorations which help to set the mood for liturgical seasons within the Church. An atmosphere of reverence and beauty — whether in a floral arrangement, care of a plant, or images. Contact Julie Smith via the Parish Office for more information.

Music Ministry

At St. Edward’s the Confessor Parish, we strive to make each liturgy a rich and fulfilling experience. To that end we consider the musical element of our worship to be of great importance. Every effort is made to help the worshiping assembly find their voice.

If you are visiting or new to our parish community, please introduce yourself to any of our musicians about your musical role. Christian worship throughout the ages has been closely linked to a great tradition of music that gives glory to God and inspires us to service. It is our intention to carry that mission forward as we bring Christ’s message to our community and the world.

For more information or if you wish to join please contact the Parish Priest


Those who are called to the ministry of Reader apply their talents and time to Proclaim God’s Word to the worship community. This ministry requires preparation of the Old and New Testament Readings in the Liturgy of the Word. Readers are also scheduled to serve as Welcomers at the beginning of Mass and to lead the community in the Prayers of the Faithful. After completing training, readers are scheduled to proclaim the Word approximately once a month.

For more information, contact the Parish Priest

Rotas for Readers can be found here

Ushers, Collectors and Greeters

St. Edward the Confessor is an active, welcoming faith community energised by the Eucharist and sensitive to the needs of all. Ushers and Greeters serve parishioners and visitors alike before, during and following Mass. Ministry members answer questions, help families find seating and coordinate the movement of the congregation during Holy Communion. Following Mass, ushers ensure that the church is prepared to receive those who will attend the next Mass by tidying up the pews

Collectors help in taking up the offerings of the people, known as the  collection.

For more information please contact Gordon Crane via the Parish Office. Rotas for collectors can be found here

“He became what we are, so that He might make us what He is “St Athanasius the Great