Christmas 2020

Many blessings for a peaceful and gentle Christmas, and a hope filled 2021. Our prayers are especially for the key workers, essential workers and care workers who continue to work long hours over the Christmas period. We pray also for those who are ill, and those who are isolating.

Our Chrismas Crib will remain in place until 2nd February, as a focus for prayer, and as a place to be able to offer donations for the Brentwood Catholic Children’s Society.

The Livestream Mass from Christmas Eve remains on YouTube and the link is: During the Mass a beautiful jigsaw helps us to reflect on a fragmented year, along with reflections on the shepherds – the key and essential workers of their time, and the wise men – foreigners, who help us to understand borders in a year of many exclusions, and distancing.

Gifts for the foodbank and women’s refuge

The generosity of gifts for the foodbank and women’s refuge has been overwhelming. We are no longer taking gifts for the refuge – they certainly have a year’s supply of presents for the children and mothers, and they are wonderfully grateful! Foodbank donations continue to be received whenever the church is open – thank you.