Roll Call

St Edward the Confessor Parish is part of the Deanery of Havering, one of several deaneries in the Diocese. Priests have served Romford since 1850, following the Catholic Relief Act of 1829. The roll call of presiding priests is as follows:

Archdiocese of Westminster
1852-1854 Alfred White (Resident at Moorfields 1852-1853)
1854-1855 John Connolly
1855-1870 Jean-Baptiste Colomb S.M.
1870-1884 Joseph Drew
1884-1885 Thomas Carey
1885-1917 Henry Tilley
Diocese of Brentwood
1917 Henry Tilley
1917-1923 Jules van Meenen (1st Parish Priest 1918)
1923-1949 Thomas Bishop
1949-1955 Richard Gay
1954 Feargus Saurin (Administrator pro tem)
1954-1979 Matthias Kearney (Administrator 1954, Parish Priest 1955)
1979-1990 John Taylor
1990-1994 John Lane
1994-2003 Kevin Hale
2003- Thomas Jordan
The Assistant priests who served the Church of Romford were as follows:
1922-1923 Michael Healy C.R.L. (incardinated 1923)
1931-1933 Patrick Donohoe
1933-1938 Bernard Hatley
1938-1949 Martin Horkan
1949-1952 Brian Foley *
1950-1952 Patrick Anthony Murphy (Killaloe)
1951-1952 Michael Hopkins
1952-1954 Alfred Graham Langford (Calcutta)
1953-1954 René Margry (Amiens)
1954 Jean Mercier S.A.M.
1954-1955 James Crowley (Armagh
1955-1957 James Donnelly (Armagh)
1957-1961 Francis Hastings
1960-1962 Sean Sheils
1962-1967 John Gordon
1964-1972 Anthony Mulvihill
1967-1970 Michael Stokes
1970-1971 Eamonn Madden C.S.Sp.
1971-1982 John Bergin
1972-1973 Thomas Tuohy S.M.
1982-1983 Bartholomew Lynch
1984-1987 Maurice Gordon
1987-1990 John Harrington (Liverpool: incardinated 1988)
1990-1993 Niall Harrington
1993 Thomas Jordan
1993-1994 Basil Pearson (Pro Tem)
The following Permanent Deacon served the Church :
1990-2002 Geoffrey Piper

Fr. Brian Foley became the Bishop of Lancaster in 1961 and remained in that office till 1985 when he retired. He died on 23rd December 1999.

“The dominion of the priest lies in his helplessness, as it is said:
“When I am weak, then I am strong.” St Ambrose of Milan