Parish Forum

The Role of our Parish Pastoral Forum

The Forum is a representative and consultative body of parishioners meeting with the Parish Priest. The focus of the Forum is the pastoral care, mission and spiritual development of the parish community. Decisions of the Forum may be implemented by whatever means are considered appropriate with the approval of the Parish Priest. Its responsibilities include:

– Collaborating with the priest in giving clear direction for the implementation of his vision for the parish
– Providing a model of dialogue, collaboration and shared decision making in its aims to further the mission of the Church.
– Calling and encouraging the people of the parish to service and action in relation to any parish plans and ensuring they are properly implemented in a collaborative manner
– Liaising with the various parish groups and facilitating the ministry and mission of the parish
The Catholic Church Canon code of law relating to the Parish Forum is as follows:
Can. 536 §1. If the diocesan bishop judges it opportune after he has heard the presbyteral council, a pastoral council is to be established in each parish, over which the pastor presides and in which the Christian faithful, together with those who share in pastoral care by virtue of their office in the parish, assist in fostering pastoral activity.
§2.A pastoral council possesses a consultative vote only and is governed by the norms established by the diocesan bishop.

Parishioner Input Counts

Do you have feedback on an issue that affects our entire parish? Please approach members of the Council or the Parish Priest. We’d love to hear from you. Send your feedback and suggestions to


Fr Tom Jordan – Parish Priest
Julie Surridge – Secretary of the Parish Forum Agnes O’Sullivan – Charities Representative
Paul McCloughlin – Finance Annette Bacon – Youth Groups
Monica O’Donnell – Golden Club Sally Barlow – Parish Groups

Other members of the Forum include: Jenny Waterfield – Headteacher of St Peter’s School

“If people would do for God what they do for the world,
what a great number of Christians would go to heaven!” St. John Vianney